What is Law New?

law new

Law new refers to new ways of delivering legal services, using technology and focusing on process. This may include working with underserved communities and creating strategies that are outside the scope of traditional law practice. It may also include working with different types of companies and finding ways to deliver legal services to them in a way that does not impact the legal firm’s primary business.

A well-conceived plan making use of these ideas can help a legal firm offer the type of help that many clients need without impacting other areas of their work. It can be a powerful way to boost revenue and client satisfaction while offering a fresh new focus for a legal team.

The underlying concept behind law new is that the legal industry needs to change in order to better serve the businesses and societies that it serves. That requires a mindset shift that is not easily accomplished and must be driven from the top. It means changing the culture and structure of the organization to a more customer-centric model and one that reflects the speed and scale of business and society.

It also requires collaboration that is less adversarial and more collaborative in nature. This includes embracing the use of technology to drive cost savings, risk mitigation and create new opportunities and synergies. It also means erasing artificial, lawyer-created distinctions between provider sources and integrating the legal supply chain. In other words, it means making a significant investment in the future of the industry and moving from a siloed approach to a legal omnibus approach.

A key ingredient in this new era is data agility. It is the ability to capture and unify legal and enterprise data and deploy it across functions in a way that produces measurable, quantifiable business value. It enables the legal function and its cross-functional business colleagues to identify, elicit, mitigate or extinguish risks; free-up management time to focus on core objectives; enable more informed risk assessment and decision-making; and produce more timely and effective delivery of legal products and services.

While there are many varying definitions of law new, it is generally agreed that it involves a holistic approach to the delivery and use of legal services. It is the transformation of the legal industry to a more customer-centric and integrated approach that mirrors the speed and scale of business and society.

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