What Is Entertaiment?


Entertaiment can take a number of forms, including music, theatre, movies and games. These activities are often socially accepted and provide entertainment and aesthetic pleasure for audiences. They also provide educational value in developing skills, such as observation and learning to appreciate different styles of art.

When writing an article about a famous entertainer, it is important to get accurate and well-researched information. Authorized biographies are a good source of this information, as they are more likely to contain accurate information than unauthorized accounts. It is also helpful to watch the entertainer on television talk shows, particularly if she is promoting an upcoming movie. This can be a good way to obtain biographical information and to determine an angle for the article, such as the subject’s involvement with humanitarian issues.

This study aims to respond to the question “what is entertainment?” using definitions from various sources, with a multidisciplinary dialogue with the area of Management. Bibliographical research was used to list previous definitions, which were then analyzed through qualitative research proceedings. An original systematic process led to entertainment definitions focused on product, experience, culture and communication notions.