What is Entertaiment?


Entertaiment is a word that is used in the entertainment industry. It is also abbreviated as entmt. While the word is usually used in the entertainment industry, it can be seen in headlines, television news banners, and other places. However, it is not used in general prose.

Entertaiment means to amuse

Entertaiment is a pleasant feeling that comes from having fun. It can be a positive or negative experience, and it’s a synonym for entertaining. To create a noun from a verb, the suffix -ment is added. Here are some examples of words that end in -ment:

To amuse

The verb to amuse means to entertain. It is used to divert attention away from serious pursuits or divert attention from routine occupations. It can also mean to divert from a serious plan or program. In the military, to amuse refers to a strategy that is intended to distract an enemy and distract attention from a critical target.

The purpose of amusing is to hold someone’s attention in a playful and agreeable manner, causing them to laugh, smile, bewildered, or generally feel cheerful. A good example is a child who is amused by a toy. Generally, children find toys amusing. Hence, amusing children is a good trait.