The Service of Law Is Not a New Concept

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The advent of legal help is not a new concept, but this service is a new form of service all legal firms can adopt. It is a way to provide services to clients that do not necessarily affect other areas of legal practice, but can be conducted more efficiently. It is also a relatively inexpensive service that people can obtain from a lawyer.

Legal help is a form of service that all legal firms can embrace

In an age of globalization, clients have many choices for the kinds of legal services they need. They can seek advice from traditional law firms, professional services firms, or online self-service providers. Some firms are even using chatbots to offer their services. And clients are getting younger – most decision-makers today are between the ages of mid-40s and early 60s. This is a good thing for legal firms, which can now provide additional services to their clients.

Clients expect more from legal firms. They expect specialists with specialized knowledge and broad-scope service. They expect a firm to understand their business, and if they don’t, their satisfaction scores will suffer. That’s why delivering commercially-ready advice to clients is a key competitive advantage for outside law firms, which can earn a larger share of the legal budget.

It is a form of service that does not impact other areas of legal practice

The service of law is a fundamental element of the legal profession. The lawyer serves as a representative of their client, an officer of the legal system, and a public citizen. In addition, lawyers are responsible for educating the public about the law and the rights of clients.