New Issues News From Willamette Law School

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The new class of Willamette Law students is poised to contribute to the law profession and the community. This class of students is working toward making positive changes in both the United States and abroad. They have used their bar study time to address issues affecting the community. A discussion on racial justice in Oregon was sparked as they worked with local law firms.

In addition to students who are using their bar study time to work on the profession, Professors of Willamette Law have been able to take advantage of this opportunity to contribute to the community. Dustin Buehler, a member of Governor Kate Brown’s staff, was selected to join the faculty of the College of Law. He will be teaching Civil Procedure in the fall.

Professor Jacob Elberg specializes in Health Care Fraud and Evidence. His work has spanned health care, forensics, and data analytics. Additionally, he has contributed to the drafting of international conventions and legislation.

Professor Keith Cunningham-Parmeter has an article forthcoming in UCLA Law Review. He has also been awarded a National Legal Research Award for his work on criminal trials. His work has led to an agreement with the Oregon American Constitution Society to investigate the treatment of children in U.S. border facilities.

Professors and administrators at Seton Hall Law School have made significant accomplishments throughout their careers. Some students have achieved high placements in Moot Court competitions. Others have started new student organizations. Many have volunteered and provided legal services to real clients. These efforts help foster student involvement.

This year, the Institute for Privacy Protection at Seton Hall Law will host a workshop on kids’ technology overuse. This will include presentations by experts in the field, discussions, and a panel of students. Kids’ digital usage has dramatically changed the way we interact with others. It has also exacerbated eating disorders and suicidal ideation.

Willamette Law’s Signature Strengths Initiative is a part of the school’s historically progressive approach to legal education. By highlighting the many talents of faculty members, the Law School prepares its graduates to succeed in a changing world. Those who join the faculty will bring a wealth of experience, global perspective, and expertise.

Associate Professor David Friedman has joined the faculty. David has experience as an in-house attorney, and he has a passion for teaching. He recently commented on the escalating tactics in the Oregon v. Oracle case. In addition to his teaching, he has joined the ISG Legal department and will support The Standard.

In addition to the new faculty, the College of Law has launched a new Health Law Certificate. The certificate will cover evolving legal issues related to health care. Students in the program will represent several countries.

The Willamette University College of Law is launching a 3+3 program with Portland State University. This will allow qualified Portland State students to receive four years of law school at Willamette and three at PSU. This will increase access to top career opportunities for Willamette Law students.