New Issues News From the University of Virginia School of Law

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The University of Virginia School of Law is adding new faculty to its academic staff this year. This winter, students will have the opportunity to take new courses such as International Family Law, Dignity Law, and Public Law and Economics. Additionally, the university has recently established a Center for Empirical Studies in Law.

In addition to welcoming new faculty, the school is also promoting scholarship opportunities. In the coming years, students will have the chance to participate in a variety of student organizations. Among them, the Intellectual Property Law Blog, which covers key developments in all areas of law. It features articles about new legislation, breaking news, and legal initiatives. Another group, the Social Enterprise & Startup Law Group, focuses on the lawyer’s role in these emerging spaces.

The university is also preparing for the future of its faculty by launching its Signature Strengths Initiative. Aiming to develop and strengthen the skills of the next generation of attorneys, the program provides an innovative approach to legal education. For example, the Health Law Certificate will prepare students for the changing health care environment. Moreover, the Law & Business Association will promote scholarships for students interested in pursuing careers in business, finance, and law.

In addition to new faculty, the university has also added Dustin Buehler to its teaching staff. Professor Dustin will teach Civil Procedure in the fall. He joins the faculty after graduating from Willamette Law. Other faculty members include David Friedman and Gretchen McCord. Both are attorneys who specialize in intellectual property, privacy, and social media law.

The law school is also announcing the signing of a partnership with the University of Alaska Anchorage. Under the terms of the agreement, students who attend the law school will receive a reduced tuition rate and will be able to study abroad.

The university also announces that it has hired Stephanie Davidson, an associate professor of law, as its law library director. This is the second time a Willamette Law faculty member has been appointed to this position. Previously, long-time instructor Hans A. Linde was honored with an appointment.

In November, the Oregon Women Lawyers Foundation awarded the law school a Traci McDowall Armonica Grant. The grant will support the work of the law school’s new Students for Justice program. This initiative is designed to help law students learn about their rights and responsibilities as citizens.

The university’s Law Tech Hub offers a wealth of information on law school clinics, media, events, and clubs. It is a great resource for students looking to get involved in the law school community.

On Sunday, the university will graduate 475 students. Amidst the celebration of these graduates, the university will also pay tribute to several outstanding faculty members. Two of these faculty members, Professors Jeffrey Dobbins and Symeon Symeonides, will be awarded for their contributions to the law.

The law school has also named two students as winners of the John A. Herring Scholarship for 2022. Spencer Haydary ’23 and James Barton ’15 will receive the award.