Law New in 2023

law new

The practice of law is constantly changing and evolving. New legal services providers, startups and even some law firms themselves are refocusing their energies from traditional legal work to this new focus of “law new.” While it’s still early days for this movement, lawyers should understand what it means to be involved in “law new” in order to help them discover the potential this area has to offer them as an opportunity to grow and expand their practices.

As 2023 begins, there are a number of new laws taking effect in Illinois and California. While some are minor, others are more substantial and could have a significant impact on the lives of many people in these states.

SS 205 — Disclosure of information on websites

This bill would require State agencies to disclose any personal identifying information accessed by hackers in the course of a data breach. The information would have to be made available to affected persons, and in certain instances to the public as well. The bill was designed to address the recent breach of security at the NYPD website.

SS 319 — Licensing for third-party food delivery services

This law would create a licensing scheme for third-party delivery service businesses in the City of New York. It would include a series of requirements related to background checks, health and safety inspections, insurance coverage, and other matters. It also includes provisions to prohibit retaliation against employees who report suspected violations.

SS 304 — Exemptions from traffic violation penalties for stolen vehicles

This new law makes it so that people who have their cars stolen are not liable for any tickets, fines or fees that are associated with the vehicle. It is a way to ensure that those who are displaced by theft are not held responsible for paying for things they didn’t do or didn’t cause.

SS 324 — Discriminatory practices regarding domestic workers

This measure aims to protect the rights of domestic workers by prohibiting discrimination against them due to their race, gender, religion or other protected categories. It will help ensure that workers have the same opportunities as other people to work for good wages and fair working conditions.

SS 325 — Right to organize

This law helps to protect the ability of workers to form unions and negotiate with employers for better working conditions. It will prevent the legislature from enacting a so-called right-to-work law in the future, which would allow people covered by labor contracts to not pay union dues. It was passed in response to the election of a new governor and a shift to the political right. This is one of the most controversial laws of 2023.