Examples of Entertaiment


Entertaiment is a general term for activities and events which are meant to make an audience happy. This can be anything from shows and music to zoo animals. This article will give you some examples of entertainment. We’ll also discuss why we should look for it in different places.

Entertainment is anything that makes an audience happy

In its broadest sense, entertainment is anything that keeps an audience’s attention and provides pleasure. It can take the form of a task or idea, but is most often an activity. Entertainment has evolved throughout the course of human history, as people have developed different methods of keeping their audience’s attention. While most forms of entertainment are stable and familiar, different forms of entertainment can be more engaging for different people.

While entertainment is generally associated with amusement and fun, it can have a more serious purpose, such as religious festivals, satire, or intellectual growth. The most important aspect of entertainment is the audience.

It includes music

Music is an art form that uses sound to create an environment for entertainment. Most music involves people singing or playing musical instruments. The word “music” derives from the Greek word “mousike,” meaning “art of the Muses.” The Ancient Greeks worshiped the Muses as goddesses of art, music, and poetry. Hence, musicians are known as musical artists.

It includes zoo animals

Zoo animals are protected under several laws on the federal, state and international levels. One of these laws, CITES, governs the trade and movement of endangered species. The list of protected species varies from species to species, with Appendix I animals receiving the highest levels of protection and Appendix III animals receiving the least. However, membership in CITES is entirely voluntary. Moreover, CITES doesn’t apply to animals that were kept in zoos before 1973.

Zoo animals may exhibit abnormal behaviors, which are a sign of poor welfare or stress. However, this behavior is not considered illegal in most cases. It is best to conduct research on the welfare of animals in captivity before taking their pictures or videos. Some typical behaviors include head bobbing, feather-plucking and pacing. One study found that polar bears, lions and cheetahs all display these behaviors.