Examples of Entertaiment in Different Contexts


The word entertainment has 90 synonyms, antonyms, related words, and idiomatic expressions. Explore all of them to find the right word to describe the experience you want to create. Also, learn more about the history and usage of this word. This article will provide you with examples of use of the word entertainment in different contexts.

a zoo

A zoo can be a great place for family entertainment. The majority of people go to a zoo to see the animals. However, they don’t usually spend much time in each enclosure. Most exhibits are small, with a few signs explaining the animals’ names and species. This doesn’t allow for much privacy for the animals, which can lead to suicidal behavior.

Although modern public zoos are popular places for families to go and enjoy seeing animals, animal rights activists are concerned about the cruel treatment of animals. They point out that some animals are deprived of their natural habitat, forced to perform difficult tricks, separated from their families and endure other cruel conditions. Furthermore, animal rights activists are concerned that zoos do not uphold the ethics of animal welfare.

The quality of care for the animals at zoos also depends on the level of funding available. Funding is necessary to properly care for animals and provide them with a good living environment. While the animals themselves may be unaffected by poor conditions, the care of the enclosures is a big part of zoo operations.

Many zoos have a long history. King Louis XIV, for example, kept an impressive menagerie in his palace at Versailles. By the 19th century, major cities in Europe began setting up their own zoos, often based on the models in London and Paris. While these zoos were created for entertainment, many were also created to provide education to the public.

At a zoo

A zoo is a place where you can see and experience different animals from around the world. These animals are kept in enclosures and are cared for by zookeepers. They are also often bred for conservation purposes. When you visit a zoo, you will have the opportunity to see these animals up close.

Working at a zoo is an excellent way to learn about different animals and their care. Getting to know the different species will allow you to answer any questions that visitors have and ensure that the animals are getting the best possible care. Some zoos will provide training to new employees. This training can be conducted by a supervisor or a coworker with more experience. It’s also a good idea to ask questions from more experienced zoo employees to get the best knowledge of different animals.

Studies have found that visitors’ attitudes towards animals are influenced by their experience at zoos. While zoos strive to educate the public about animal welfare, visitors may still be biased. Consequently, future studies should examine how public education about zoos can affect the way people view exhibited animals.

Aside from the fact that animals are bred in captivity, zoos can be a prison for the animals. Many animals are housed in squalid conditions and have limited access to their natural habitat. Some even face predators. In addition, these animals are kept in barren environments and are often abused by their cagemates.