Entertaiment is anything that brings pleasure to an audience, whether in the form of a play, movie, or night of dancing. It is important to choose the right entertainment for your event or party so that everyone can have a good time. An entertainer must have good humor and the ability to win an audience over. This term is often abbreviated to entmt in headlines.

Activities that give pleasure to an audience

The pleasure that an audience gets from a performance or an event is an extremely complex cultural phenomenon. Different types of pleasure lead to different audience behaviors. Moreover, pleasure experiences vary among the class, gender, and genres of people. The key to giving pleasure to an audience is to provide value. This can be done through audience participation, connection, and humor.

Providing entertainment for an audience can range from a simple night out at the cinema to a high-energy dance party. Choosing the right kind of entertainment is essential to make the event a success. It requires skill, a good sense of humor, and a knack for winning the audience. Entertainment is often abbreviated as entmt and is frequently used in news headlines.

Forms of entertainment

There are many forms of entertainment, including music, theatre, and sports. Among the oldest forms of entertainment is storytelling, which has influenced almost all other forms of entertainment. Stories are narratives that are delivered orally to an audience. Sometimes, they are illustrated, which adds to their artistic appeal. Often, stories are used as a way to entertain a group on a journey.

Films are another popular form of entertainment, which has two purposes: to inform and to record. Many documentaries combine both purposes. Since film was first created, it has become a global industry. The Lumiere brothers travelled the world instructing cameramen to record anything of public interest. The newsreels began in 1908, when Pathe was formed to produce newsreels. World War I, in particular, led to a greater need for mass entertainment.

Style of entertainers

Entertainers are observant, extroverted people who like to interact with others and share their experiences. They are often the first to lend emotional support and practical advice to people in trouble. Because of this, they tend to avoid conflict. Moreover, they are talkative and witty. They never run out of ideas to talk about.

Entertainers have a unique aesthetic sense, and they know what looks good. They are quick to change their surroundings to match their personal style. In addition, they are curious and love to experiment with different styles.