Daily News Podcasts

The Daily News is a periodical newspaper that features current or recent information in a variety of fields, including politics, economics, culture, and sports. It can also feature investigative reporting and editorial opinions on major issues. It is usually printed in multiple editions and distributed nationally, internationally, or regionally, depending on its circulation and its subject matter.

As more readers shifted to reading online, newspapers rethought their content strategy. Instead of relying solely on print editions, they started producing their own on-demand audio podcasts. In some cases, this was a response to a changing readership, while in other cases it was a way to capitalize on the growing popularity of digital audio. In both cases, it was an opportunity for newspapers to increase revenue and build audiences in a new medium.

In the United States, daily news podcasts have become some of the most popular shows with more than half of the top five news podcasts being daily, according to Podtrac, which ranks publisher podcasts on an opt-in basis. Most publishers don’t disclose download numbers, but some do, like NPR with its top shows NPR News Now and Up First which both have a strong daily element. France also has a number of successful daily news podcasts, with DR’s show Pandemie and Les Echos’ La Story both seeing significant audience growth over the past year.

Daily news podcasts may be short or long-form, centered around a single host or a group of hosts, or may focus on a specific news topic. Some, like NPR’s News With and the BBC’s Today in Focus, are designed to be a comprehensive round-up of global news, while others, such as the FT’s news briefing or the UK’s branded daily podcast from the Guardian, are shorter, efficient news bulletins. In either case, podcasts aimed at daily news briefings tend to use a variety of techniques, from musical stings to a more functional presentation style that is geared towards the quick delivery of the most important news.

There are 102 active daily news podcasts in operation around the world, most of which were launched this year. This is largely driven by increased publisher investment in podcasting, and not necessarily a direct response to the coronavirus pandemic, although it certainly helped. In particular, Australia is a hotbed of daily podcasting activity with public broadcaster ABC leading the pack with a range of deep-dive and regular show offerings alongside a minute-long microbulletin podcast for smart speakers. There is also a significant effort underway in the UK, with The Times of London launching a weekly show and Talk Radio’s Wireless, which operates talk radio in the country, adding daily content from its journalism division.