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Daily news is the name given to newspapers that are published on a regular basis. These papers usually contain local, national and international news. They also feature editorials and opinions. Daily news can be found in print and on the internet. Some examples of daily news are The New York Times and The Daily Mail.

A new book explores what happens when a community loses its newspaper and how it affects the people left behind. The book, Death of the Daily News, by Andrew Conte, is a thoughtful and deeply reported look at what’s happening in communities around the country as local journalism dies. It also offers some clues as to how to revive it.

Conte’s book examines what happened in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, when the local paper, The Daily News, shut down in 2015. It describes how citizens of the city began to act as gatekeepers of information for each other and how they created their own sources of news and entertainment. The book also discusses the societal implications of what’s happening across the nation.

A major shakeup at the 102-year-old New York Daily News has its critics calling it an attempt by its owner, cost-cutting hedge fund Alden Global Capital, to save the newspaper by sacking staff and slashing expenses. The paper’s new executive editor, Andrew Julien, says he wants to revitalize the tabloid by giving it more of a personality and focus.

The Yale Daily News Historical Archive is an online collection of digitized versions of printed issues of the New Haven, Connecticut-based college daily newspaper. The archive is free and open to the public. The archive was made possible by a generous gift from an anonymous Yale alumnus.

In addition to the daily news, the archive includes the weekly WKND and a number of special issues each year including the Yale-Harvard Game Day Issue and the Commencement and First Year Issue. The YDN also publishes annual special issues celebrating Yale’s Indigenous, Black, Latinx and Asian American communities in collaboration with their affiliated student centers.

The YDN is financially and editorially independent of the University and has been since its founding on January 28, 1878. It is the oldest college daily newspaper in the United States.

The Daily IAS Current Affairs page at BYJU’S covers every aspect of India and the world for IAS aspirants. It provides a detailed analysis of the stock market, GDP growth, inflation and other economic news. It also covers the latest developments in science and technology, such as space exploration, medical research and innovations in renewable energy. This page is also packed with updates on government initiatives aimed at boosting economic growth, such as Make in India and Digital India. This is a must-read page for IAS aspirants.