Choose Suite Hostel When Traveling to Vietnam

choose suite hostel traveling vietnam

Private rooms offer greater level of solitude

While many hostels have common areas, private rooms at suite hostels provide greater levels of solitude. These rooms are often more expensive but offer greater levels of privacy. You will have less noise and more space, but still be able to meet people and talk to each other without bothering them.

They are ideal for digital nomads

While Ho Chi Minh City is a hub for the digital nomad community, it’s not quite as vibrant as its more famous counterpart. The city is a beautiful place to explore, with an old town that is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is also home to cheap housing options and coworking spaces. Digital nomads can also find a place to stay in Hoi An, which is a coastal town 45 minutes from Da Nang.

Vietnam’s major cities have been developed in recent years, making them look far more modern than their predecessors. Many of these places are equipped with the amenities that digital nomads need to work. The two most popular destinations for digital nomads are Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, better known as Saigon.

They are located in historic buildings

Suite hostels in Vietnam are situated in historic buildings and offer a great atmosphere for travelers. The rooms come with a private bathroom and balconies, and there is plenty of space for your luggage and other belongings. The rooms are clean and located in quiet alleys near cute cafes.

Located in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, Nexy Hostel offers comfortable beds, a full kitchen, and free WiFi. The hostel also features a 24-hour front desk and tour desk. The rooms are private or in eight-bed dorms, so travelers can choose the right choice for their travel style.

They are affordable

While it may seem difficult to find a budget-friendly option in Vietnam, there are several affordable options. While the majority of hostels are quite expensive, there are also many options that are well below $10USD per night. These include homestays en route and multi-day tour packages.

There are many different options for accommodation in Vietnam, including a variety of highly rated properties. If you’re traveling on a budget, you might consider staying in a budget-friendly 8 to nine-star hotel. These options are more affordable than hostels, but don’t skimp on comfort or quality.