List of 37 best hostels/hotel in Hoian, Vietnam based on Price & Rating (Under 15$)



Hoian is a famous tourist attraction because of its 600 – years history as well as traditional architecture and crafts such as textiles and ceramics. In this town, there are many restaurants, hotels, hostels, and resorts which have been constructed both in Hoian and the surrounding areas. Staying in Hoian, discovering nightlife of the local are such great experiences for those who love traveling. In Vietnam, the definition of “hostel” and hotels” are quite close (especially no-star hotel and hostel), because hotels have dorms with bunk beds, so do hotels. Sometime you might find it quite difficult to find out which one is the best hostel for you to stay. So here is a list of best hostels/hotels in Hoian, Vietnam based one price and rating from In this list, we include both best hostels and hotels under 15$.

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1Thien Tan Homestay – Villa484 Hai Ba Trung11,510
2Rice Field Homestay52A Le Thanh Tong12,110
3Countryside Moon Homestay163/10 Tran Nhan Ton9,69,7
4Tropical Garden Homestay VillaHai Ba Trung,Tra Que119,7
5Hoi an Life Homestay53 Pham Van Dong8,89,6
6Full House Homestay20 Xuan Dieu Street9,39,6
7Blue Clouds Hotel99/9 Hung Vuong9,59,5
8Loc Phat Hoi An Homestay – Villa420 Cua Dai, Hoi An12,19,5
9Sunshine Hotel Hoi An02 Phan Dinh Phung9,99,4
10Mina Le VillaThanh Nam Cam Chau109,4
11Phuong Nam Hotel & Villa224 Ly Thai To13,29,4
12Hoian Salute Hotel5 Le Dinh Tham119,3
13Strawberry Garden HomestayTran Quang Khai119,3
14Sac Lo Homestay and Hostel144 Nguyen Duy Hieu12,19,3
15Viets Family River- Hoi An Homestay311 Nguyen Tri Phuong8,89,2
16Hoi An VIVA Homestay218 Ly Thai To8,89,2
17Iris Villa Hoi An16 Ly Thai To9,99,2
18Nhi Trung Hotel700 Hai Ba Trung12,19,1
19Little Leo Homestay and Hostel39- Le Van Huu8,89
20Cloudy Homestay and Hostel24 Le Van Huu8,88,7
21Huy Hoang Garden Hotel87 Hung Vuong9,98,7
22Phuong Le Villa – Vietnam Hideout Hostels57 Thoai Ngoc Hau9,98,6
23Vinh Hung 2 hotel121 Ba Trieu228,6
24Hi Hop Yen Homestay103A Ton Duc Thang7,78,4
25Tribee Hostel58 Ba Trieu98,4
26Hoi An Villa River View170 Nguyen Duy Hieu8,88,3
27An Hoi Hotel69 Nguyen Phuc Chu14,58,3
28Hop Yen Hotel694 Hai Ba Trung7,78,1
29Nature Homestay164 Ly Thai To9,28,1
30Long Life Hotel30 Ba Trieu Street9,98,1
31Gia Bao Hoi An Backpackers91 Ba Trieu St9,98,1
32Phuoc An Hotel39 Tran Cao Van12,98,1
33Huy Hoang River Hotel73 Phan Boi Chau11,78
34Hoi An Grassland Hotel500 Hai Ba Trung13,28
35Dai Long Hotel680 Hai Ba Trung7,77,9
36Hoa Binh Hotel696 Hai Ba Trung7,77,8
37Sunflower Hotel Hoi An397 Cua Dai Road8,87,5