List of 94 Hotels and hostels Da Nang near the beach (Updating…)

List of 94 Hotels and hostels Da Nang near the beach

Are you traveling to Danang, Vietnam? Which hotel and hostel in Da Nang should you choose to stay?


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Looking for a hotel and hostel in Da Nang? Would you love to stay near the beach? Below is the list of 94 hotels and hostels in Da Nang, Vietnam located near the beaches. The average price of those ones ranges from 400,000VND – 600,000 VND/room, 2-3 stars hotel: from 900,000VND to 1,500,000VND. If you want to save money, you should choose hostels in the city center to stay, read out this article to choose best suite one: [Travel Guide] Top 6 best Danang hostels (under 10$).


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1Danastar hotelk5/18 Pham Van Dong St845113938555
2Quynh Anh HostelK5/15 Pham Van Dong84978321340
3Hang Van Hostel213 Duong Dinh Nghe845113937682
4Thuy Duong hotelLot B1-1-51, CTTT A4 Area – Ward An Hai Bac845113848676
5Hoang Sa hotel54-56 Duong Dinh Nghe845113984888
6Blue Beaches20 Duong Dinh Nghe845113987755
7Eco DanangLot 19B1.3 Duong Dinh Nghe845113985986
8Maple hotel3 Nguyen Cao Luyen845113932613
9Hung Phat hotel2A Duong Tu Minh84913412807
10Song Thu Guesthouse01 Nguyen Xuan Khoat, Son Tra, Danang845113943323
11Phan Van HotelLot 26B3 Duong Dinh Nghe845113938495
12Omega7 Ly Van To84905485581
13Song Tung hotel25 Nguyen Cao Luyen84913404819
14Tung Phuong hotel12A Pham Van Dong845113936333
15Dam Tien hotel14 Pham Van Dong845113913788
16Jimmy hotel168 Ho Nghinh845113945888
17Trung Duong170 Ho Nghinh845113986698
18Olina hotel54 Pham Thieu845113937477
19Viven hotel31 Nguyen Cong Sau845113938232
20Wonder hotel55 Nguyen Cong Sau845113945222
21Seanet hotel128 Ho Nghinh845113936699
22Gia Linh hotel88 Loseby845113943797
23Loseby hotel86 Loseby84905413344
24Cali Motel82 Loseby845113938284
25Eena76 Loseby845112225123
26Bien Ngoc55 Loseby845113925999
27Danasea hotel23-25 Loseby845113942911
28May fair14 Loseby845113959699
29Dasa hotel6 Loseby845113945111
30Dang Ha hotel50 Le Tan Toan845113911979
31Koreana motel68 Le Tan Toan84905312002
32Venus hotel46 Le Manh Trinh845113941678
33Phu Quang hostel16 Le Manh Trinh84511393204
34Archer hotel8 Phuoc Truong 8845113942688
35World club hotel03 Duong Dinh Nghe845113941679
36Nice Sea hotel01 Ha Bong845113943099
37Thalasa hotel35 Duong Dinh Nghe84925239239
38Sunna hotel27 Duong Dinh Nghe845113941515
39My Chau hostelK02/14 Ha Bong84905004852
40Ngoc Van hostelK35/01 Duong Dinh Nghe845113919179
41Anh Ha hostelK35/11 Duong Dinh Nghe84904440012
42Son Tra hostelk16/12 Ha Bong845113942502
43Phuc Dat hostelK16/02 Ha Bong841287551774
44Anh Nguyet Hotel39 Ha Bong84511262678
45Anh Duong 2 hotel21 Ha Bong845113941577
46Tuan Phong Hotel19 Ha Bong845113941959
47Nam Quan Hotel17 Ha Bong84935865123
48Funtastic Beach HostelK02/05 Ha Bong845113928789
49Hoang Thinh hostelk2/10 Ha Bong84905625926
50Misa hotel11 Duong Dinh Nghe845113981114
51Phuong Binh hotel63 Ha Bong845116262299
52Van Chung hotel38 Ha Bong845113940536
53Thanh Hien hostel52 Ha Bong84905086532
54Thanh Long hotel103 Ha Bong845113942727
55Phuc Long Hotel54 Ha Bong845113943988
56Bien Vong hotel107 Ha Bong8451139432357
57Van Son Hotel111-113 Ha Bong845113912668
58Lan Nhi Hotel66 Ha Bong845113848727
59Gold Beach Hotel143 Ha Bong845113955539
60Sun Flower hotelCorner of Vo Van Kiet & Ho Nghinh845113940131
61My Hanh hotelLot 17-18 Vo Nguyen Giap845113831494
62Romance Hostel42 Lam Hoanh845113940932
63Hai Yen Hostel44 Lam Hoanh849112477947
64Khang Phu Hotel50 Lam Hoanh845113942426
65Sunsea hotel60 Lam Hoanh845113941111
66My Khe hotel254 Vo Nguyen Giap845113836125
67Sea WindK213 Nguyen Van Thoai845113943944
68Villa Hotel Le NaK213 Nguyen Van Thoai845113931369
69San San hotel54 An Thuong 26845113959979
70Day Star Hotel57 An Thuong 26845113959234
71Golden StarLot 30 – B2.12 Phan Liem845113919168
72Cicilia HotelDo Ba street845113941688
73Kien Cuong 216-17-18 Do Ba street845113951212
74Silver SeaDo Ba street845113941688
75Nguyen Hotel38-39 Le Lo845113952567
76Duc Anh HotelArea 387 Le Quang Dao street845113958971
77Danang Beach HotelLot 39 An Thuong 37845113951456
78Da Lan MotelB2.4 Le Quang Dao street84935334020
79Champa hotel134 Le Quang Dao street845113955666
80Linh Sport Hotel12 An Thuong 484917511115
81Victory Motel22 An Thuong 2845113954191
82Ton Hostel25 An Thuong 2841202727375
83World Link Motel45 An Thuong 3845113940058
84Sydney New Hotel40 An Thuong 384968080198
85Aurora Hotel30 Ngo Thi Si845113985666
86Starlet Hotel31-32 Ngo Thi Si845113958568
87Pho Bien HostelLot 33 Phao Lo residental area84949399252
88Phu My Long hotelLot 35-36 Phao Lo residental area845113955379
89Sea Star HotelLot 54 Phao Lo residental area845113959828
90Gold HotelLot 04-05 Phao Lo residental area845113958179
91Kim Chau hostelAn Thuong 1-2841283558885
92Blue Ocean hotelLot 55-56 Hoang Ke Viem845112602689
93Hoang Lan Hotel189 Nguyen Van Thoai845113836377
94Huynh Gia Hung hotel169 Nguyen Van Thoai845113932211

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