Add: 03 Tran Quoc Toan Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City
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About us
Memory Hostel is a remarkable budget accommodation, perfect for every traveler looking for a unique hostel with character. Located in the heart of Danang city, just 30 seconds walking to Bach Dang street - the central tourist street. From here, you can easily access attractions such as Dragon Bridge, Han River, Cham Museum, Han local market, and other convenient places for tourists.

The main design idea of Memory Hostel comes from Champa architecture style. Champa is a Kingdom used to exist in the Central and the South of Vietnam from approximately the 2nd century through 19th century (1832), before being absorbed and annexed by the Vietnamese state. Champa country no longer appears on any map in the world after that, but its culture and especially architecture is still outstanding and attractive because of its unique values. One of them is technique of using brick to build houses as well as temples that are located scattered in some provinces and cities in the Central and the South of Vietnam. Danang city is also one of these cities, especially we are know for the only Champa museum in the world located in Danang center. It’s just 700m from Memory Hostel. That’s the reason why our design was inspired from Champa style.
We believe hostel design not only needs to be beautiful but also reflect spirit of the people living there. We would like to make this hostel become a house of the Vietnamese people in the Central with culture, spirit of the local people. That’s another reason why we used much materials collected from countryside. They are flowered brick that is out - model, old windows, washing tubs casted by cement. All of those things you can hardly find at any house in the city. Those things seem to be simple, but when we put them together in the hostel, they create a very Vietnam image for travellers who really want to experience Vietnam as much as possible in their trip. 

Moreover, we have:
* A rooftop with amazing view where you can see Dragon Bridge breathes fire and sprays water in every saturday and sunday night,  hold BBQ, read book and enjoy delicious drinks made by our bartenders.
* Cultural tours in which you can practice fishing with professional fishers, or experience Tet holiday like Vietnamese, learning how to make Vietnamese traditional cake - Banh Chung on Tet holiday...
* Many other one-day tours to Hoi An, Cham island, Danang city tour, Hue city tour,...